Spider Vein Treatment

Ghouls, goblins and other creatures will be crawling their way through your neighborhood in search of sugary treats in few weeks. But that doesn’t mean your legs need to look the part of a creepy, crawly spider web. Unsightly spider veins are a common indicator of a condition known as venous insufficiency, but they can also appear as a result of injury, hormonal changes and sun exposure. Fortunately, spider vein treatment can help.

Sclerotherapy is an advanced, effective, minimally invasive procedure that can give you smooth, spider vein-free legs. It can be performed as an outpatient procedure in about an hour — depending on the number and severity of your spider veins. With help from the skilled vein care specialists at Vein Associates of Texas, your legs won’t need a disguise this Halloween. Our team will help restore the natural aesthetic of your skin and return you to a life of confidence.

Spider veins explained

Spider veins are small, colored blood vessels that are visible through the skin. Typically red or purple, these superficial veins are named because of their resemblance to spider legs or webs. They commonly appear on your face, neck or legs.

While spider veins are typically considered a cosmetic issue, it’s important to understand they are a symptom of venous insufficiency. Venous insufficiency is the improper functioning of the vein valves in the leg, causing swelling and skin changes. In particular, watch for dense clusters of spider veins in your lower legs or ankles, which may indicate a worsening condition of venous insufficiency.

Sclerotherapy explained

The best treatment for spider veins is Sclerotherapy. Using a fine needle, a solution, known as a sclerosant, is injected into the spider veins to damage the lining. Your body will naturally reroute the blood to other veins and shut down the treated vein. The disabled spider vein is naturally reabsorbed into nearby tissue and eventually fades away.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy:

  • Safe procedure
  • Improved circulation as the body re-routes blood flow through healthy veins
  • Short procedure (often less than one hour)
  • Outpatient procedure (no hospitalization required)
  • No anesthesia
  • Fast recovery
  • Minimal pain

Imagine living without your unappealing spider veins. Contact Vein Associates of Texas for skilled spider vein treatment in San Antonio. For more information about spider veins, or to schedule an appointment, call 888-653-2728.