EVA: Advanced Technology To Rid You Of Varicose Veins

Endovenous ablation therapy (EVA) uses light energy to effectively close varicose veins by heating the inside of the vein wall. Local anesthesia is administered to the entire area, and the skilled hands of Dr. Martin Franklin will gently guide you through your first step toward a life without leg pain and embarrassment.

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After numbing the treatment area, Dr. Franklin will make a small puncture near the varicose vein. Under ultrasound guidance, he then will advance a thin optical fiber into the target vein. After reaching the end of the vein, Dr. Franklin will activate a laser at the end of the fiber and slowly withdraw it, exposing the entire inside wall of the varicose vein to the laser. The laser heats and damages the lining of the vein, causing it to contract and eventually close. The body then reroutes blood away from the closed vein, which is reabsorbed.

Once the procedure is completed, the leg is bandaged and placed in a compression stocking, which must be worn for a specific period of time determined by Dr. Franklin.

EVA Avoids Disrupting Your Life With Limited, Minor Side Effects

At the end of your EVA procedure, you’ll be able to walk out of the office and continue on with your day. However, some minor side effects are common, including the following:

Minor soreness



Leg tightness

In order to minimize these side effects, it’s important to follow Dr. Franklin’s post-treatment instructions. Uncommonly, more serious side effects can occur that warrant additional care. Contact Dr. Franklin immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Burning pain

Fever & chills

Increasing redness

Progressive swelling

It’s important that you avoid submerging your treated leg in a body of water (including a bath) for five days after your procedure, as this could cause infection and delay your healing process.

Dr. Franklin’s Compassion and Skill Administering EVA Are Unsurpassed

After over a decade of vein treatment and many years of performing EVA procedures, Dr. Franklin has accumulated the necessary experience to help you obtain pain-free, beautiful legs. Any concerns you have will be answered before your treatment begins, and he’ll make sure that you feel comfortable while your EVA is administered. Additionally, your veins will be closely monitored after treatment to ensure that you get the best outcome.

EVA is a safe procedure that has been shown to successfully treat varicose veins in the vast majority of cases. Considering the advanced technology and skilled doctor that are available to you, stop living in pain and embarrassment and get the legs you want!

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